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  • Q.1 What is MyInformationVault?

    A.1 MyInformationvault is a Safe and Secure service that allows you to secure your friends and family’s financial future in the unfortunate event of death. It is a simple four step process that starts with 1) uploading your critical information in our secure vault; 2) assign friends or family who you want to have access to the information you uploaded in the unfortunate event of death (information will only be shared with information recipients in the event of death) 3) Updating financial information and nominees as and when things in your life change and 4) information recipients contact MyInformationvault in the unfortunate event of your death and after completing our secure verification process, we distribute the information per your pre-specified instructions. View our How it Works?

  • Q.2 How does MyInformationVault help me?

    A.2 We all agree “Death” is an unpleasant topic, but have you ever thought if something happens to you? - Does your family know about all the investments? What about your Bank Accounts and Insurance Policies? Or where are the important documents like “Property Deeds “or “Will” stored?

    You work so hard to provide for your family and loved ones; wouldn’t you want to make sure they are taken care of and have access to all the above information in case you are no longer around to take care of them?

    MyInformationVault makes it easy for your loved ones to claim your assets in the event of any unforeseen tragedy.
    No monetary value is required but just the account related information which is crucial to track/trace the accounts.

    To learn more, please visit our website and check out Why Immortalize?

  • Q.3 Is this a global service that can be used across the world?

    A.3 No, not global yet. MyInformationvault is available in USA only.

  • Q.4 Can I use this service as a replacement to my will?

    A.4 No. MyInformationvault is a service that provides your account information to your selected information recipients upon your death. The service allows you to define who will get your key financial accounts related information after you pass away so that they have the information to follow up and track your assets with minimal hassles and pain.

  • Q.5 How different it is from writing down everything in an excel sheet or my diary?

    A.5 Sure, you can and in fact we are sure many people are doing this today. But, what if the diary is lost, misplaced or stolen? What if the excel sheet is destroyed due to a system crash or virus?
    So unlike a diary or excel, MyInformationvault is very safe, secure and readily available from any part of the world. Also, MyInformationvault allows you to pass on your information to your loved ones without compromising on your privacy today. Your beneficiaries get your information only when the need arises and you don’t need to worry about file storage or diary locations.

  • Q.6 Who is an “Information Recipient”?

    A.6 Information recipients are individuals (Family member, partner, sibling etc.) you would like to share your information with in the unfortunate event of death. Yes, you are in complete control and can change/ remove these nominated individuals by the click of a button.

  • Q.7 How do you define “Assets” and “Liabilities”?

    A.7 We provide a list of most commonly applicable assets & liabilities.
    Assets- Everything you own and would like to share with your information recipient(s).
    Example: Bank Account numbers, Insurance Policy number, Fix deposit details, lockers, paintings.

    Liabilities- Everything you owe and would like to share with your information recipient(s)
    Example: Liabilities (Loan Accounts, Direct debit accounts, Credit Cards numbers)

    Note: These are just account related details like Account number, Institution Name and Address which will be required by your Information recipients for follow up.

  • Q.8 Someone has made me an Information recipient on your website, what does that mean?

    A.8 This simply means that someone has selected you and wants you to receive their information when they pass away. This information could be anything - it might be Bank Account numbers, Insurance policy details or copy of Will etc.

  • Q.9 What do you do with our personal data?

    A.9 We securely store your data using the latest encryption technologies and do not access your personal information you store with us unless there is a claim filed for your information. We do access your contact information to get in touch with you in reference to your membership account. We do not sell your personal information to any third party sites.

  • Q.10 Do you sell our personal data or give access to any third party?

    A.10 No. We treat your privacy with high priority and do not share or sell your data to any third party for any purposes.

  • Q.11 How do you ensure security of my data?

    A.11 We have implemented security measures which most financial institutions and bank websites use. Please note the privacy and security of your personal information is our top priority.
    Please refer to the Security page for further details.

  • Q.12 Can I give same information to multiple Information Recipients?

    A.12 Yes, depending on your membership type you can specify as many beneficiaries as you choose.

  • Q.13 Can I change information in my account after it is created?

    A.13 Yes. We know things change, you can update your nominated Information recipients as well as your Assets/ Liabilities or Uploaded documents related information in just a few easy steps.
    In fact we highly recommend that you always check that you have update your account related information and specially the information recipients.

  • Q.14 Who all can get my information after I die?

    A.14 You instruct, we follow! You select and decide who all shall get what account information and only post verification we send it out. You can even distribute same information to multiple people.

  • Q.15 How do you know if I have passed away?

    A.15 Your Information Recipient can use the “FILE A CLAIM” (Blue Button) functionality at the bottom of the website page and create an information claim request which shall notify us about the unfortunate event. Only after verification of the death certificate and verification with government agencies using our trusted verification process, we disclose any information. Information is only disclosed to authorized recipients.

  • Q.16 How do you verify the information recipient who claims for Information?

    A.16 When you select the information recipients during account set up phase, we send them an email confirmation informing them of your service subscription and use that email as registered email address where we send them a security code that is used for identification

  • Q.17 What happens after I die?

    A.17 In the unfortunate event of you passing away, your Information Recipient can notify us and request the information you nominated them for (via website). Upon completion of our trusted verification process which includes confirmation with government agencies and verification of death certificates, we will provide the information to the Information Recipient.

  • Q.18 What happens to my information after it is given to my beneficiaries?

    A.18 After getting confirmation that information is received by designated Information Recipients, we store your information for a period of six months and if there aren’t any further claims we delete your information permanently from our servers.

  • Q.19 How do I select information recipients?

    A.19 It’s a simple process. Once logged in, navigate to the “Information Recipients” tab and click on “Add new” link. Enter required information and click on the save button. An email is sent to the selected individual with a request to “Accept “or “Reject” the information recipient role. At this point the information recipient status is shown as “Pending”. Once accepted, an email confirmation is sent to the member and an email is sent to the information recipient with instruction on how to file a request to claim the information and the status is changed to “Confirmed”.

  • Q.20 How many Assets, Liabilities or Documents can I have in my account?

    A.20 Please refer to the Membership page for further details on each plan.

  • Q.21 How do I assign information (Assets, Liabilities and Documents) to Information Recipients?

    A.21 You can select ”confirmed” Information Recipient(s) to receive one or multiple account information. Next to each account information you enter, you can select the information recipient using the multiple select drop down.
    (The multi select box by default displays all Information Recipient(s) with the “Confirmed” status)

  • Q.22 What are the types of membership plans you offer?

    A.22 We have two types of plans - Annual and Lifetime membership.
    Please refer to the Membership page for further details on each plan.

  • Q.23 Do you offer a free plan?

    A.23 Yes, there is a free Trial plan available for 14 days. Please refer to the Membership page for further details on each plan.

  • Q.24 I am on a Trial plan, can I upgrade to Annual or Lifetime plan?

    A.24 Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time. Just login to your account and renew your membership using the renew button.

  • Q.25 I am on an Annual plan, can I upgrade to Lifetime plan?

    A.25 Yes, you can upgrade your plan any time. Just login to your account and renew your membership using the renew button.

  • Q.26 I am on a Lifetime plan; can I downgrade it to Annual plan?

    A.26 No, it is not possible to downgrade the account.

  • Q.27 What are the benefits of using Lifetime plan?

    A.27 Lifetime plan provides you same storage space, number of information recipients as Annual plan but it is a life time membership (which means there is one less thing to worry about).
    Annual plan requires you to renew your membership annually.

  • Q.28 Can I cancel my account and membership?

    A.28 Send us an email at: cancelmembership@myinformationvault.com and we will contact you and verify before cancelling your membership. We will delete your information after cancellation of your membership.

  • Q.29 What payment methods can I use?

    A.29 We accept the following methods:
    • Credit Cards: American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
    • PayPal

  • Q.30 Can I make a suggestion?

    A.30 Yes, sure. Please submit your suggestion using the contact us page “message” option.

  • Q.31I cannot find the answers to all my questions in the FAQ, can you help?

    A.31 Yes. Please get in touch with us using preferred contact us option and we will be happy to assist you.