About US


This venture was a direct result of a similar problem encountered by its founder. The diagnosis of a terminal illness for his father and sudden demise created a crisis for the entire family. In addition the lack of information on the family financials/ important document had further added to the hardship. Even a year later the family received mails from financial institutions regarding fixed deposits, investment in stocks/ bonds about which the family had no prior information. Having gone through the pain and agony of trying to find out the information after the loss of his father and with his in-depth technology experience, our founder set out to fix this problem and MyInformationVault was born.


Have you ever wondered what would happen to your personal financial information when you are not around? Wonder no more, MyInformationVault is here.

MyInformationVault was formed keeping you and your family in mind with this inevitable life event. The key focus being to solve a long standing problem with cutting edge technology (cloud based, secure online platform) to manage your information even when you are not around. Privacy and Security being the integral part of our systems we help you secure, store and transfer critical information/ documents to those WHO need it the most and WHEN they need it the most. As our users say, "The Ultimate Solution for Today and Tomorrow".


We are a team dedicated to help you, your friends, and family avoid similar hardships, pain, and agony. Join MyInformationVault and immortalize your information.

To get started, simply create an account, add your information & nominate information recipients. Sounds easy, well it is . . . Visit our Sign Up section to get started.

What People Are Saying About Us

"After recently losing a loved one, I saw firsthand how hard it is to recover one's information. MyInformationVault solves it all, even keeping my information secure so that no one can see it."

Allison from Florida

"I always thought about this problem after a recent family tragedy and wondered if there was any solution out there. MyInformationVault is the perfect solution and a must have for every family."

James from California

"Very interesting. Will definitely use MyInformationVault and will seriously recommend this to friends and family. It’s absolutely essential for everybody on this planet who cares for his loved ones."

Mr. Mehra from India

"MyInformationVault lets me keep track of all my information without all of the paperwork. It is really easy to use and whenever I forget any of my financial information I just login to where I stored it all."

Eric from California

"This service is a novel idea that everyone should have in place. After watching the myinformationvault video I realized that I didn't have a way to share all if my financial information with my family. I am relieved to know that in the future my family will always have access my information."

Steve from Wisconsin